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Open Desktop

(operating system, product)
A Motif-based graphical interface from the Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), built over their Unix environment, part of the ACE initiative.

Also known as "Open DeathTrap".
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A server operating system for the Intel platform from UnXis ( Formerly SCO OpenServer from The SCO Group, OpenServer is based on Unix System V Release 3.2 and includes the Motif and X Window user interfaces and standard Unix networking (TCP/IP, NFS and NIS). OpenServer has optional SMP support for up to 30 processors.

Starting in the late 1980s, OpenServer evolved from SCO XENIX and SCO Open Desktop (ODT). All versions were both workstation and server operating systems. OpenServer was also previously known as SCO OpenServer Enterprise. See UnixWare, SCO Unix and SCO.
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Applications written in the SCO UNIX or SCO OpenDesktop predecessors to OpenServer can usually run in OpenServer 5.0.4, which means that there is a pretty good shot that they will run in the OpenServer runtime environment.