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(OOo) The group that produces a free (GPL) cross-platform office suite that provides much of the same functionality as Microsoft Office including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and graphics. Each program can read and write both its own and Microsoft formats.

OpenOffice Home.
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org address then it is not an official Apache Software Foundation or OpenOffice.
More than 70 project Committers are actively collaborating to ensure that the future of the OpenOffice.
The primary difference between the Standard and Lite versions is that Standard includes the OpenOffice.
Novell supports the OpenDocument format as the default file format in OpenOffice.
Since the most popular tools for slide presentation authoring are MS PowerPoint and OpenOffice.
The company is also spearheading the formation of OpenOffice.
BUDAPEST, Hungary -- Eight implementations of the Open Document Format (ODF) OASIS Standard were orchestrated in a real-world scenario today at the OpenOffice.
An appendix addresses additional word processing software like Windows Live SkyDrive, GoogleDocs, and OpenOffice.
After the split with their the main sponsor, Oracle, on June 1, 2011, the brains behind OpenOffice.
A comprehensive rich media management solution, Media Upshot helps organizations share and deliver a broad range of rich media files including video, audio, IBM Lotus Symphony, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.
She presents a practical guide to "Writer," the word processing component of OpenOffice.
Worldwide Computer Products News-25 May 2007-Sun Microsystems, Redflag Chinese 2000 and OpenOffice.