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(OOo) The group that produces a free (GPL) cross-platform office suite that provides much of the same functionality as Microsoft Office including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and graphics. Each program can read and write both its own and Microsoft formats.

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Apache OpenOffice

An open source suite of business applications from The Apache Software Foundation that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and various Unix versions. Founded by Sun which was its main supporter, Apache OpenOffice is an open source version of Sun's StarOffice. Supporting OpenDocument (ODF) as well as Microsoft Office file formats, OpenOffice includes a word processor (Writer), spreadsheet (Calc), presentation graphics (Impress), drawing program (Draw), database (Base) and equations (Math).

In 2000, Sun gave the source code of StarOffice to the OpenOffice community, and the software was officially known as, the same name as the website. In 2011, Oracle, which had acquired Sun, turned OpenOffice over to the Apache Foundation. For more information, visit See StarOffice, LibreOffice and OpenDocument.
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It may be better to use "delete'' from the file menu.) Once we had Windows 10 installed, we installed the free, which is just like Microsoft Office.
A computer program was developed by local programmers and allows to check the Tajik language spelling on two well-known office platforms in Tajikistan - Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.Org.
This text introduces the computer environment and productivity software applications in Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, and the suite to students and beginners who use either the Microsoft or Mac operating systems.
LibreOffice and are both fully-featured suites, which have very good office compatibility and as they are both open source, there's no expensive upgrade fees when you want to get the latest version.
The free office suite is already preferred by many public administrations for its use of the open document standard (ODF), (4) and due to the fact that it runs on several hardware structures and under multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and Sun Solaris.
Not only does it support regular file formats such as OpenDocument text (.odt), Microsoft Word (.doc), Office Open XML(.docx), XML text (.sxw), HTML, JPEG and PNG but it also supports embedded media from sites like Youtube, Vimeo and Flickr.
And you can still manage perfectly well without it; Google and still offer free equivalents of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Almost everyone has heard of Delicious, Google Books and Facebook, but what about those lesser known yet highly practical applications such as (productivity tool), Shelfari (social cataloging service) or iTunes U (audio and video hosting service)?
LibreOffice is the community-driven fork of, founded in 2010 under the stewardship of The Document Foundation, following Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems.
This all-in-one install DVD is a Linux based software bundle that includes a wide variety of no cost applications such as: Edubuntu operating system, iTALC classroom computer management tool, office suite, Firefox web browser, and subject based applications for astronomy, chemistry, languages, mathematics, planning, and more.
Hundreds of free, open source, end-user and education-specific applications are included, such as: Edubuntu OS, iTALC classroom computer management tool, ATutor teacher assignment tracking software, office suite, GIMP graphics suite, GCompris educational games suite, Firefox web browser, and many more.