Opening Operations

Opening Operations


the removal of rock covering and containing a mineral in opencut mining. Covering rock that does not contain useful components is called empty rock and is removed to exterior or internal dumps. If the covering rock (such as clay, sand, limestone, and chalk) is useful as a building material, it then undergoes further processing (crushing, sorting, and so on), after which it is sent to consumers. Opening operations include processes of preparing rocks for removal, removal and loading work, transportation, and slag dumping,

Opening operations are performed during construction of a quarry, for making the first stage for extraction operations, and for maintaining and developing that stage. Various rock-hauling and dumping devices, as well as special assemblies, are used for opening operations. The method of performing opening operations is regulated by the processing system used.


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After the blast, the Maoists opened fire which was repulsed by the security forces who were deployed nearby for road opening operations," the police source said.
Dan Wiesel, the airline chairman and chief executive officer, said 'Based on unprecedented customer demand, we have decided to accelerate our expansion plans and will be opening operations in Orlando.
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In South Waziristan Agnecy, security forces conducted road opening operations on Wa na-Khamrang road while terrorists training centers and hideouts including arms and ammunition dumps at Ladha, Makeen and Sararogha were targetted.
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