Opening of the Underground Caves Day

Opening of the Underground Caves Day (Te Kauki Nanganga')

November 20
The end of World War II is marked annually by the people of Butaritari Island (northern islands of the independent republic of Kiribati, located in the Central Pacific Ocean). Each year, they open the caves that were built to shelter them during WWII. Accompanied by a celebration, the event takes place on the anniversary of the day the caves initially were opened after the war ended in 1945.
Traditionally, the people of Butaritari would gather in the maneaba (meeting house), and older citizens would share their stories and experiences of the struggle between U.S Marines and Japanese soldiers for control of the island. The event's main activities take place in Ukiangang village on Butaritari Island, featuring singing, dancing, feasting, and indoor and outdoor games.
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