Operating Period

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Operating Period


the period of usage required for a device to attain the operating limit. The operating period includes the effective operating time and all types of idle time, whether caused by maintenance and repair or by organizational or other reasons. Operating periods of devices of the same type may differ, since many unforeseen random factors come into play, for example, structural peculiarities in the device and factors relating to operating conditions. For this reason, a quantitative evaluation of operating period is carried out with the aid of probability indexes, such as average operating period (mathematical expectation of operating life) and the 7-percentage of operating life (the calendar period of usage during which the device will not reach its operational limit with a specified probability of 7 percent).

The rated operating period is the period of usage after which the device is either removed (and written off) or routed for an investigation of its technical condition with the aim of determining its suitability for further operation. If the device is operated continuously, its operating period coincides with its service life. In all other cases, the relationship between the operating period and service life of a device is determined by the intensity of operation.


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Looking ahead, the company said it hopes to be able to make up some of the time lost on standby and, based on current forecasts, drilling operations on Heron-1 and Gazelle-1 can be completed well within the "normal" operating period of the Mongolian drilling season.
UNRWA Media advisor Adnan Abu Hasna said the operating period is between three and nine months.
Self-Performed Operations (Cost Risk: Stronger): The project involves relatively limited and straightforward operations and maintenance of the common spaces in the terminal and such services are expected to be self-performed by the developer for the entire 30-year operating period. Ferrovial has extensive experience in this sector.
Khairul Annuar said that if the request for a higher commission was not fulfilled, the dealers would have to resort to several drastic measures, including shortening from 24 hours to 18 hours the daily operating period of the petrol kiosks in anticipation of the drastic drop in the prices of the fuels beginning Monday.
Bella Mossa has proved popular and there is talk of extending the initiative's four-month operating period. The app allows a maximum of four trips to be logged each day, to encourage people to use the scheme over time and help make travelling around the city more sustainable.
The expected benefit from the September 2018 rate increase is expected to materialize beginning with the Q4 2018 operating period.
The project is expected to cut electricity consumption by 60 per cent and aims to ration electricity consumption, conserve energy and achieve sustainable development standards, with an operating period of up to 20 years and a 10-year warranty.
"We cannot provide helicopters to our tourists so far because of the expiration of operating period," he said.
Mac Middleton, D-Charles, the wind farm will create nearly 3,000 skilled jobs during the development and construction phase and an additional 4,0 jobs during its 20-year operating period. US Wind's project was approved to receive offshore renewable energy credits May 17, 2017.
As part of the standardization efforts, MTMD presented during the workshop the standard monitoring checklist for MPSA and FTAA under development and operating Period as well as the proposed performance monitoring assessment checklist for the MGB Regional Offices (ROs).
The main evaluation criterion for the project was the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) during an operating period of 20 years.