Operating Suite

Operating Suite


the section of a hospital where surgery is performed, consisting of operating rooms and auxiliary premises.

The operating suite must be isolated from other sections of the hospital, and it must have sufficient space, natural and artificial light, heat, ventilation, and cleaning and scrubbing facilities. The operating room is specially equipped with such apparatus as an operating table, anesthesia machine, instrument tables, and a suction device. Heart surgery and organ transplants require the most complex equipment, for example, a blood-circulating apparatus and an artificial kidney. The auxiliary premises include a preoperative room, where surgeons and nurses scrub before operations; a room for sterilizing instruments; and storage rooms for sutures, bandages, linens, and the principal instruments. In large hospitals, the operating suite is also equipped with a room for blood transfusions and intravenous procedures, a dressing room, a lounge, a toilet, and a shower. Dressing wards, for applying dressings and for treatment and diagnostic procedures, are located within the surgical department of the hospital.


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The new facility will include a visitor centre, cafe, 20 rehoming kennels, and a veterinary examination room and operating suite.
The new facility would include a visitor centre, cafe, 20 rehoming kennels, and a veterinary examination room and operating suite.
I complained that he had deprived me of reliving a common scene in many a Koreanovela: lovers holding hands while one is on a gurney, then suddenly having to let go as the doors to the operating suite swing open.
At OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, DRX-Revolution systems and DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kits equip the staff to deliver rapid access to high-quality images in its emergency department, operating suite, pediatric, neonatal intensive care and inpatient areas.
For several years Tia Rescue has been based on the outskirts of Halifax, but within the last couple of months they have moved to new premises outside Doncaster, and to support the work that they do, Donaldson's Vets have set up an on-site operating suite for their rescue dogs.
The operating suite was considered a totally interior space with no wall, window or roof thermal loads.
Kerry is a Nursing Unit Manager in a Sydney hospital operating suite, a former president of the NSW Operating Theatre Association and a councillor of the NSWNMA.
The Countess will participate in a series of tours for local organisations in Qatar to visit the aircraft and experience its sophisticated facilities, which include a fully-equipped ophthalmic operating suite, a four bed pre-operation and recovery room, as well as a sub-sterile and laser room.
1 and PeaceHealth--is a 10-bed critical access hospital that includes an expanded primary care and specialty clinic, cancer center, diagnostic and treatment services, an operating suite for outpatient procedures and a 24-hour emergency department with five beds.
Expansion of the key services of the hospital was accomplished through the addition of a new state-of-the-art emergency department, operating suite expansion, shell space and infrastructure for planned future expansions, renovations to facilitate the User Groups Lean Process work flow changes and life safety upgrades.
Cross worked at the Freeman Hospital from April to October 2009 but his dual timesheets were discovered by the directorate manager of the central operating suite and he was asked to leave.
5MILLION hospital operating suite was out of action for two weeks - because it was too cold.

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