Operation Time

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operation time

[‚äp·ə′rā·shən ‚tīm]
(computer science)
The time elapsed during the interpretation and execution of an arithmetic or logic operation by a computer.

Operation Time


time spent on the performance of a production operation. It is calculated by using technical norms. Under conditions of socialist production its main task is to ensure rapid growth of labor productivity. Therefore, in setting norms for operation time, one identifies and studies all visible and concealed losses of working time, developing organizational and technical measures to eliminate such losses and devising and introducing time norms based on progressive organization of labor.

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The maintenance work will also affect the operation time for the tram service.
The surgeon performed five different surgeries at once, reducing operation time, risk of infection, pain, recovery time and hospital stay all by half, the HabertE-rk daily reported.
All patients in both groups were compared in terms of hemoglobin drop, operation time, catheter duration, reobstruction, incontinence and recatheterization.
Part of the services are during the flight operation time during the night to perform during operation and under public control.
Very little day to day operation time commitment, this is a VERY LOW EXPENSE Business that can be run anywhere with an internet connection.
The large-capacity fuel tank extends operation time, while its special coating helps prevent rust from forming inside the tank.
The VIP Financial Services Department Manager Talal Al-Nesf stated that the exiting from the fund has been successful and profitable at this time, since it occurred after the fund's operation time frame by five years, in addition to one year, where the fund was established in 2004.
The truck is equipped with AC technology for comfortable driving, extended operation time and optimal adjustment and also exhibits charger technology for optimum battery charge.
The Flying Shear solution, part of the IndraMotion system, is a pre-engineered, IndraDrive-based solution for standard applications requiring simple configuration setup, saving integration, setup and operation time, the company says.
The total operation time for college and professional is around 1.

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