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Similarly, planners still use operational art and elements of operational design in plan development.
The book begins with an interesting discussion of the evolution of the operational art as a level of war to be studied.
It's got to be a responsibility of everybody who intends to lead in our Air Force to understand the operational art of the integration of space.
Operational Art refers to the intellectual abilities of commanders and strategists--using their skills, experience, and creativity--to solve difficult problems.
The exercise would not only incite intellectually rewarding debates on strategy and operational art but would also prove to be an effective tool for identifying own strengths and challenges, which ultimately steer the future force development process of PAF.
He holds a bachelor's degree in business management from Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont, and a master's of operational art and military science from the Air Command and Staff College, Montgomery, Alabama.
In section 3, we mentioned about operation planning, military decision making process (MDMP), operational art, operational design and its elements.
21st Century Ellis: Operational Art and Strategic Prophecy for the Modern Era
Now the works of the "amphibious prophet" are collected together for the first time in "21st Century Ellis: Operational Art and Strategic Prophecy for the Modern Era".
It employs the principles of war and the operational art of warfare.
On the continuum of planning activities ranging from conceptual to detailed, ADM is primarily associated with conceptual planning and operational art while MDMP is primarily concerned with detailed planning.
Part of the series Military Strategy and Operational Art.

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