Operational Command

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Operational Command


a large organizational unit of an armed service, consisting of large and small units of various combat arms (forces), special troops, command elements, and logistic and other services. The operational command is designed to wage independent or combined operations.

Among the operational commands are the front, consisting of several armies (in the armed forces of the USA, Great Britain, and others the group of armies corresponds to the front as an operational command); the army, which consists of several large units (brigades and divisions and, in foreign armies, corps), and units of special forces; the fleet, which includes large units of surface ships and submarines, air forces, coastal defense, and naval bases; the flotilla, which may consist of mixed forces; and the air defense district, which is composed of various types of units.

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An image from planning documents of Merseyside Police's proposed new Operational Command Centre
Concerns have surfaced over the South's taking over the operational command in times of war due to rising threats from North Korea.
The German Defence Technology and Procurement office awarded Eads Defence Electronics a ten million Euro contract to implement a newly-developed planning system for the German Armed Forces' Tiger combat helicopter that combines operational command and control with technical logistic support.
Ultimately, the FBI established a fully operational command post adjacent to the U.S.
He also spent three years at the Fire Service College as Head of Operational Command, Offshore Firefighting, Specialist Rescue and International Training.
According to the Danish Army Operational Command, a Danish camp in Iraq came under missile attack on Monday night (19 July).
FASWC will be separate from operational command but allied with it, performing the setting of standards for integrating ASW operations and training.
Its operational command is structured around its Air Command and Operations Center and base operations.
Marine Expeditionary Force would be under operational command of Brigadier Jim Dutton, commander of Britain's 3rd Commando Brigade.
The unit is seeking a large numbers of officers for its Western Operational Command Unit, which includes South Wales.
'Ellie Baker will delegate an officer to investigate a murder but that officer will come under the supervision of the crime manager on the relevant local operational command unit.
Unification of operational command of forces, including air, in each theater and area is conducive to the most effective conduct of war.

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