Operational Readiness

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Operational Readiness


one of the important concepts of reliability in technology; the probability that an article (motor, machine, or instrument) will be ready for work at an arbitrarily chosen moment in the intervals between periods of planned technical servicing. For established conditions of operation, the operational readiness is given by the equation

where T is mean cycles between failures and Tr is the mean time required for restoring the item to working order after a failure.

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Despite the difficulties involved in the operational readiness process, the successful opening of Paphos International Airport was the product of the constructive co-operation and team spirit developed amongst the airport community, which embodied a strong commitment and shared objectives for a safe and smooth startup.
Military commanders pledged cooperation with civilian public health and emergency operations center officials but were unable to commit resources in advance because they needed to protect their operational readiness.
ISS provides a versatile cadre of organic and commercial F/A-18 logistics and engineering specialists dedicated to maintaining the aircraft in a high state of operational readiness.
As of today, the C-27J fleet in service with the three armed forces has performed a total of about 1800 flights, has achieved an excellent level of operational availability with an operational readiness rate above 80%.
In addition, the following services will be provided - Bringing about the operational readiness of the system (eg by setting up, installing, customizing and integration of hardware and standard software.
Chief of Army Staff emphasized on enhanced self reliance and continuous skill development to meet the growing challenges of maintaining high operational readiness of Army Aviation.
Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee expressed confidence in Pakistan Navy's operational readiness and appreciated its efforts in establishment of Cadet College and 100-bed hospital at Ormara and hoped PN would continue to serve the nation with same zeal besides making effective contributions to overall national security milieu.
Summary: CAMP HAMRA -- The UAE and France concluded on Wednesday two weeks of joint military exercises, showcasing the high competence and capabilities of the forces and their operational readiness.
Our in-country line maintenance support will enhance the operational readiness of the Colombian Armed Services," said David Adler, president of Sikorsky Aerospace Services.
The PBL Awards will recognize successful PBL programs that demonstrate exceptional operational readiness.
This book's photos and text abound with surprising details and accounts little known in the Western press, which the authors say was sadly misinformed as to the status and operational readiness of the IRIAF's Tomcat fleet.
Disrupting that work by moving it to China Lake would decrease the operational readiness of our armed forces.

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