Operational Readiness

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Operational Readiness


one of the important concepts of reliability in technology; the probability that an article (motor, machine, or instrument) will be ready for work at an arbitrarily chosen moment in the intervals between periods of planned technical servicing. For established conditions of operation, the operational readiness is given by the equation

where T is mean cycles between failures and Tr is the mean time required for restoring the item to working order after a failure.

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The Border Patrol participates in "operational readiness exercises" to prepare for the caravan moving through Mexico and heading towards the border, according to a CBP agent, at the Paso del Norte Port of Entry on Friday, November 9, 2018, in El Paso, Texas.
Through TAA efforts, the 1st TSC facilitates introspection and teaches Iraqi forces how to accurately assess their operational readiness. Using this information, Iraqi forces can develop accurate sustainment estimates that outline the supply and service support required to maintain operational readiness now and to build combat power for future operations.
Pooling related operational readiness lessons together with new data from the 22nd Canadian Conference on Global Health (CCGH)6 and the 2015 Global Health Students and Young Professionals (SYP) Summit, (7) we can begin to build a profile for global health researchers.
AIR reported that navy's major exercise, Theatre Level Operational Readiness Exercise (TROPEX), involved large scale naval manoeuvres in all three dimensions surface, air and underwater, across the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).
How I define operational readiness is all the activities, all the planning, all the things you need to do so you're ready to see a patient on day one.
Refraining Nuclear De-Alert: Decreasing the Operational Readiness of U.S.
The terminal is currently undergoing operational readiness trials.
According to Shelley Antle, Director of Resource and Logistics Management at Fort Knox, most components of the fleet at the Army Armor Center have higher operational readiness rates, primarily because of the access to hard-to-get parts.
These considerations include operational readiness capabilities that are independent of cost.
"Getting these soldiers through our exams and into the DENTAC is definitely an operational readiness issue." Senter said that doing 3rd Brigade's exams also provided the 673rd dental personnel an excellent opportunity to develop new leaders and to train on fairly new equipment.
Aermacchi announced that the company expects to have the M346 in its initial operational readiness state as early as the end-of-year 2006.

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