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uninc. town (1990 pop. 22,326), Spokane co., E Wash., a suburb of Spokane. It is a growing residential town.


See Mars Exploration Rovers.
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In short the beauty and goodness of Camilla, joined with the opportunity which the blind husband had placed in his hands, overthrew the loyalty of Lothario; and giving heed to nothing save the object towards which his inclinations led him, after Anselmo had been three days absent, during which he had been carrying on a continual struggle with his passion, he began to make love to Camilla with so much vehemence and warmth of language that she was overwhelmed with amazement, and could only rise from her place and retire to her room without answering him a word.
It was a chance to fight, an opportunity to loot, and they rose to the bait as a speckled trout to a fly.
Well, I think--I do not say I hope--I think that this favourable opportunity will never present itself.
At first I accused him of perfidiously deserting me; but as I grew more composed, I upbraided myself for imputing so cowardly an action to him, and tranquillized myself with the belief that he had availed himself, of the opportunity to go round to Nukuheva, in order to make some arrangement by which I could be removed from the valley.
The opportunity was too fair, and his feelings too impatient.
As the attacks of our enemies ceased and our eyes became accustomed to the semi-darkness of the interior of our strange retreat, I took the opportunity to explore our shelter.
have no opportunity of being bribed like the ephori, as they live in an [1272b] island far from those who would corrupt them.
Dirk wishes me to tell you that if at any time you want him he will be grateful for the opportunity of being of service to you.
I now felt that I had the opportunity to help the people of my home town to a higher life.
Bulstrode I should be turning my back on an opportunity of making my profession more generally serviceable.
In the third place, he was an admirer of Emily; and the opportunity of trying to shake his allegiance by means of a flirtation, in Emily's absence, was too good an opportunity to be lost.
Miss Pink had been waiting her opportunity to assert her own claim to the possession of her own niece, from the time when Lady Lydiard had coolly declared her intention of taking Isabel back with her.

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