Opportunity Management System

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Opportunity Management System

(OMS) A system that stores sales opportunities and related information. Each sales lead can be tracked with information such as source, type, worth, status, likelihood of closure etc.

An OMS can perform other related tasks such as prioritising sales calls and generating analyses that assist the fine-tuning of marketing strategies.

See also Customer Relationship Management.
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Oco continues to help streamline the way that we do business with the Opportunity Management System, and their rapid implementation has quickly advanced our ability to be even more competitive," said Mark C.
Unifying data from contact relationship management (CRM) systems, financial systems, pipeline and opportunity management systems, and email marketing systems, among others, is critical to understanding a client's full engagement.
For those companies who have already invested in an opportunity management solution, Jesubi can integrate into the leading opportunity management systems like Salesforce.
AGI has extensive databases for target markets and decision makers to build intelligent sales lead and opportunity management systems.
The new direct sales technology (DST) Magic Quadrant evolved from Gartner's former Opportunity Management Systems (OMS) Magic Quadrant, extending it to include functionality for sales execution and sales operations.
Over the next three years," said Gartner analyst Rob DeSisto, "selling enterprises that integrate incentive compensation with opportunity management systems will increase selling effectiveness by at least 15 percent over standalone implementations.
Providing users, such as field sales professionals, with instant access to customer information on the go and in conjunction with their Opportunity Management Systems is essential.
Under terms of the agreement, ChannelPoint and BCBSA will also work to jointly specify next generation e-commerce, interactive selling and opportunity management systems built specifically for the unique requirements of BCBSA Member Plans.

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