Optical Glass

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optical glass

[′äp·tə·kəl ′glas]
A type of glass which is free from imperfections, such as unmelted particles, bubbles, and chemical inhomogeneities, which would affect its transmission of light.
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Optical Glass


a highly transparent, homogeneous, and chemically resistant glass. Optical glass is manufactured with precisely defined optical properties—an index of refraction rang-

ing from 1.47 to 2.04 and dispersion value ranging from 70 to 78. Depending on the combination of these properties, optical glasses are subdivided into crown glass (low refraction and high dispersion) and flint glass (with the opposite properties). Optical glass is used to manufacture optical instruments and devices, such as eyeglasses, objectives, microscopes, binoculars, and photometers.

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Omnipotent, Painted and Laminated Coldworked Optical Glass with Gold Leaf, 2019
A temperature change has the major effects of changing the index of refraction of the optical glass and the geometry of the lens elements.
In 1912, a report had been circulated to government officials warning that war with Germany would result in serious shortages of optical glass, which was vital for many instruments used by the armed services.
The internationally-known Bohemian artist is recognised as a pioneer in use of cut optical glass to create 'sculpture', although he doesn't refer to it as that.
<p>Kao's breakthrough discovery in 1966 was to determine how to transmit light over long distances using ultrapure optical glass fibers.
Vortex's (www.vortexoptics.com; 800-426-0048) Razor HD 20-60x85mm Spotting Scope (65.7 ounces) is constructed using a sophisticated triple apochromatic objective lens ground from high-definition, XD optical glass to almost completely eliminate chromatic aberration.
By theway, 10 of those affected at Pilkington's found alternative employment independently, while the remaining 10 were subsequently employed by Phoenix Optical Glass in St Asaph who purchased the special glass disc part of the companywith financial assistance from the Assembly Government.
Geniomer is predicted to have a use in automotive technology, as flexible optical glass for optical waveguides.
CDGM is China's largest optical glass manufacturer producing preforms for optical companies to convert into optical lens.
* Crown Glass: One of two main types of optical glass. Crown glass is harder than flint glass, with a lower index of refraction and lower dispersion.
Its first use was for grinding spheres and aspheres in BK7 optical glass. A cross-axis approach is used with the axis of the work spindle horizontal, and the axis of the wheel spindle vertical.