Oracle Parallel Server

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Oracle Parallel Server

(OPS) An Oracle configuration that allows for multiple Oracle servers running on seperate computers to access the same database files simultaneously.

Normally used for high availability, running parallel servers can improve performance by spreading out CPU load, however, it requires data to be partitioned correctly.

This feature is enabled with the Parallel Server Option (or "PSO").

Oracle Parallel Server Option FAQ.
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Oracle Parallel Server

A version of the Oracle Database system designed for massively parallel processors (MPPs). It allows multiple CPUs to access a single database.
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-- An Oracle Parallel Server (OPS)-ready Alpha ES40 Parallel Data Server
Oracle Parallel Server on Linux is currently in beta testing with expected production availability by the end of 2000.
In other news, Data General says that its CLARiiON FC5700 full Fibre Channel storage system has successfully completed the Oracle Parallel Server for Windows NT certification programme.

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