Oracle Parallel Server

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Oracle Parallel Server

(OPS) An Oracle configuration that allows for multiple Oracle servers running on seperate computers to access the same database files simultaneously.

Normally used for high availability, running parallel servers can improve performance by spreading out CPU load, however, it requires data to be partitioned correctly.

This feature is enabled with the Parallel Server Option (or "PSO").

Oracle Parallel Server Option FAQ.

Oracle Parallel Server

A version of the Oracle Database system designed for massively parallel processors (MPPs). It allows multiple CPUs to access a single database.
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Compaq also facilitates installing, configuring and purchasing an Oracle Parallel Server (OPS) in a UNIX environment easier than any other vendor.
The first Compaq-certified solution Avnet Enterprise Solutions will build is an Oracle Parallel Server ES40 Cluster.
This Oracle Parallel Server result further exemplified high-end scalability using multiple systems networked together.
Oracle met its high availability goals by implementing the co-developed Oracle(R) Parallel Failsafe, which integrates Oracle and HP technology including Oracle Parallel Server and HP MC/Serviceguard.
Nasdaq: LNUX) today announced a series of initiatives with Oracle Corporation, including the first high-availability demonstration of Oracle(R) E-Business Suite and Oracle Parallel Server on Linux; VA Linux Systems' own internal deployment of Oracle E-Business Suite on Linux; and validation of VA Linux Systems' enhanced operating system software for Oracle.
The Oracle Internet Platform includes Oracle8i(TM) Enterprise Edition, Oracle Internet Application Server 8i, Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle Advanced Security, Oracle Enterprise Manager and other performance enhancing features such as Oracle Parallel Server.
It is also the first module to support the new Oracle Parallel Server (OPS).
BCGI's former transaction processing capabilities, which consisted of two Sun Enterprise 6000 servers running Oracle Parallel Server software, will be significantly upgraded with the company's new platform to improve the stability, reliability and performance of BCGI's 24 hour, 7-day-a-week prepaid service bureau operations.
Compaq Computer Corporation (NYSE:CPQ), the world's leading PC server vendor, today produced new, record-breaking one-, two- and four-processor server and Oracle Parallel Server (OPS) performance benchmarks on its award-winning ProLiant Server platforms and a soon-to-be-announced Smart Array storage controller based on a new 64-bit processor architecture.
IBM Netfinity servers continue to be the hardware of choice for the development of scalable Oracle Parallel Server clusters.
We plan to continue breaking data-center barriers by demonstrating that the V2500 can provide extreme performance and scalability for users in many production environments, such as Oracle Parallel Server and a variety of high-availability clustered environments.

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