Oracle Corporation

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Oracle Corporation

The world's leading supplier of information management software. The company, worth $2 billion, offers its products, along with related consulting, education and support services in more than 90 countries around the world.

Oracle is best known for its database management systems vendor and relational DBMS products. Oracle develops and markets Oracle Media Server and the Oracle7 family of software products for database management; Co-operative Development Environment and Oracle Co-operative Applications

Oracle software runs on personal digital assistants, set-top boxs, IBM PCs, workstations, minicomputers, mainframes and massively parallel computers.

See also Adaptable User Interface, Bookviewer, CASE*Method, Component Integration Laboratories, DDE Manager, Online Media, Oracle Card, Oracle*CASE, siod.

Address: Redwood Shores, CA, USA.
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In the news release, Oracle Advances as a Java Tools Leader, issued earlier today by Oracle Corp.
Oracle is redefining the supply chain software landscape by delivering proven supply chain collaboration software as an online service," said Don Klaiss, senior vice president Manufacturing and Supply Chain Application Development, Oracle Corp.
Oracle has long been the developer's choice with proven ease of development, scalability, availability, reliability, and support for industry standards such as XML and Java," said Rene Bonvanie, vice president of Oracle9i Marketing at Oracle Corp.
Just this week, Lott, Lyden and Fowlkes bought and sold large chunks of Oracle Corp.
ATLANTA -- The Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG), the world's largest user knowledgebase for Oracle Applications users, in partnership with Oracle Corp.
Partnering with AUSOUG is an example of how our organization serves as an advocate for Oracle Applications users throughout the world, as well as an ally and partner to Oracle Corp.
Oracle is a registered trademark and Architected Best-in-Class is a trademark or registered trademark of Oracle Corp.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- Continuing to expand its presence in Portland, Oregon, Oracle Corp.

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