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Here the Earth has ripped itself open and created a colourful canvas of yellow, red and orange sulphur deposits that have left an alien landscape.
Attracts American Lady, cabbage white, common buckeye, painted lady, pearl crescent, question mark, red admiral, viceroy, American snout, common checkered-skipper, fiery skipper, orange sulphur, eastern tailed-blue, lorquin admiral, west coast lady, sleepy orange, anise swallowtail and sachem butterflies as well as sparrows and goldfinches.
One of the changes residents would notice straight away was the replacement of 41,000 traditional orange sulphur street lights with new energy efficient white LED lights.
We learn about a rainbow of different species, among them the Miami blue, Schaus swallowtail, Sonoran blue, Queen Alexandra's birdwing, white Morpho, Lange's metalmark, orange sulphur, and several moths and skippers.
Pontia protodice Boisduval and Leconte Checkered White Colias eurytheme Boisduval Orange Sulphur Satyrium saepium Boisduval Hedgerow Hairstreak Lycaeides melissa W.