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Ashmore Kidd, a leading Orangeman in Canada, once told the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland that he was on his way back from Rome where he had attended mass in St Peter's and had had an audience with the pope.
A second Portadown Orangeman appointed to the Commission at the same time as Mr Burrows, Don MacKay, resigned earlier this week amid questions about the validity of his application form.
One Orangeman said: "There is a will to stand firm for 365 days if necessary.
Don MacKay, a Portad-own Orangeman, named DUP MP David Simpson and SDLP Assembly member Dolores Kelly as referees without their permission when he applied for a place on the body which rules on marches.
The suspected Orangeman was forced to play the instrument as they hurled rocks at his head.
Belfast's most senior Orangeman Dawson Bailie insisted he would do "not one thing" differently if he could rerun the weekend.
2002; An injured police officer at Drumcree last year; 2003; An Orangeman enjoys a break from marching; FLAG OF PEACE: Portadown Orangemen march down towards the heavy security barrier after the church service at a peaceful Drumcree yesterday
But someone - not an Orangeman - spat in my face and then stones started to come in.
One Orangeman said last night: "We are very disappointed in the decision.
Portadown Orangeman David Jones said: "We have put in an application for July 2 and there could well be another application for July 9.
And an ominous note was sounded when Portadown Orangeman David Jones said: "All this doesn't bode well for the summer.
In his capacity as a Nobel Peace Prize winner, the Northern Ireland First Minister and staunch Orangeman will be a guest at a reception by the Pontiff.