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Orbison, Roy (Kelton)

(1936–88) rock 'n' roll singer, songwriter, guitarist; born in Vernon, Texas. He played in two rockabilly bands and made some unsuccessful recordings before Sun Records released "Ooby Dooby" (1956), his first hit. His song "Claudette" (1958) was a hit for the Everly Brothers and he had a string of hits during the early-1960s such as "Only the Lonely" (1960). Many prominent rock 'n' roll musicians regarded him as an influence and he performed with some popularity until his death.
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The orchestra will also be performing with a holographic Roy Orbison at the Genting Arena, NEC, on April 9 as part of the Roy Orbison In Dreams tour.
Orbison, 52, who died in 1988, will be recreated as a hologram, backed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, in a tour starting in Cardiff in April.
Roy Orbison is a great signature to have and would command PS100 to PS120 alone.
Orbison was best known for the 1964 hit "Oh, Pretty Woman" but worked prolifically on music as he coped with deaths in his family.
Orbison reportedly considered Lynne "the best producer I ever worked with," a monumental tribute from an artist who created some of the towering achievements of American rock 'n' roll.
Answer this question: Which Julia Roberts movie title was named after a Roy Orbison hit?
Damien Edwards aims to recreate the sound of Orbison, who died 22 years ago.
Ulrich Haarburste's Novel of Roy Orbison in Clingfilm belongs to that subset of postmodernist fictions so classically formal they're bizarre, and which possess enough faith in their patent absurdity that their authors (thankfully) dispense with all shrugs and sly winks to the reader.
Motivated by an eccentric guitar style similar to John Fahey's weird finger-picking, Ward delivers haunting material like ``Today's Undertaking,'' with Roy Orbison undertones, and a nice slice of Delta blues in ``Magic Trick,'' which brings to mind '60s optimism.
The controversial rap group 2 Live Crew decided to do its own version of "Pretty Woman," the Roy Orbison hit that was featured in the movie of the same name.
the global leader in anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, today announced its selection by Orbison Enterprises to implement a new authentication program that will protect the late musician's valuable intellectual property from increasing threats of unlicensed and counterfeit goods.
The orchestra will also be performing with a holographic Roy Orbison at Cardiff's Motorpoint Arena on April 8 as part of the Roy Orbison In Dreams tour.