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see killer whalekiller whale,
or grampus,
a large, rapacious marine mammal of the dolphin family. Historically considered one species, Orcinus orca,
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Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, 1986. Similar to Modula-2, but with support for distributed programming using shared data objects, like Linda. A 'graph' data type removes the need for pointers. Version for the Amoeba OS, comes with Amoeba. "Orca: A Language for Distributed Processing", H.E. Bal <bal@cs.vu.nl> et al, SIGPLAN Notices 25(5):17-24 (May 1990).
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3, 8, 12 Reported orca whale sightings in Hudson Bay in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.
As an added bonus, each medal winner will be presented with a silk scarf printed with a copy of Corinne Hunt's master art work, the Orca whale for an Olympian, the raven for a Paralympian, another first in Olympic history.
Although killer whales often live between 35 and 50 years in the wild, Keiko - which means "Lucky One" in Japanese - was one of only two male orca whales ever to have survived past 25 years in captivity, Phillips said.
Willy the Orca Whale is out of his aquarium and splashing about as he enjoys life on the ocean wave as only whales can.
summer hit about an orca whale freed from a Pacific Northwest theme park.
On his journey, Whaley meets an orca whale, a humpback whale, a gray whale, a white beluga whale, a sperm whale, and a whale shark.
orca whale for food There were plenty of items to tempt our daughters who snapped up cuddly whales, T-shirts and Russian dolls, while the best buy for adults was freeze-dried Alaskan salmon.
The 25-foot, six-ton orca whale, which was about 26 years old, died after asudden attack of pneumonia in the Taknes fjord on Friday.
The townspeople are divided over what to do about an orphaned orca whale that has appeared in the channel and decided to stay.
SPRINGWATCH presenter Iolo Williams is heading to Scotland for a first date - with an Orca whale.
The dead orca whale, which researchers named as "Rhapsody," went through an autopsy on Saturday, December 6 that revealed that the 18-year-old had been pregnant during her death.
Since hunting has been banned, humpbacks have no predators except an occasional orca whale, which targets young or injured animals.