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(1) A portable organ designed by the German musician Abt G. J. Vogler. Invented in 1789.

(2) A combination piano-organ invented by T. A. Kunz in 1791 in Prague.

(3) A combination instrument consisting of a piano with pipes (flutes, clarinet, and bassoon). It is equipped with a pedal board. The instrument was built by A. Hunn and Scharrer in Berlin in 1812. Orchestrions have almost completely gone out of use.

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These triangles combine the ritualized shaming Perrudja experienced before the Orchestrion with his humiliating self-identification as a "gelbe Blume.
Orchestrion, el disco, es en realidad un boton de muestra de un proyecto mas amplio.
Calling it "the most personal thing I've ever done," he says Orchestrion isn't like anything else in his 40 years of playing and had to draw on all his experience to make it work.
The story of Faust and the polarity of good and evil that it involves is expressed by the organ in classical stylisation on the one hand and the trivial orchestrion sound on the other.
Thought to have the finest surviving Edwardian interior in the UK, the castle had every technological gadget imaginable, including central heating, hydro-electric power for electric lighting and the orchestrion - the Bang and Olufsen of its day.
Louis World's Fair, a Tiffany-style lamp and a 1908 German orchestrion.
Jazz The Orchestrion Project Pat Metheny This double CD is the result of the guitarist's 2010 world tour with the extraordinary Orchestrion, a collection of acoustic instruments ranging from pianos to drum kits and all kinds of percussion, including cabinets of tuned bottles, all computer operated and triggered by the guitarist himself.
And for guitar fans as well as anyone wanting to hear some technological wizardry in action, Pat Metheny's album of music from his Orchestrion Project tour is released as a two-disc set at the end of January.
He made player pianos for several Gallo executives, and the company commissioned him to build an eight-instrument 8-foot-tall orchestrion for the company's employee picnics and other events.