ordinary portland cement

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ordinary portland cement, Type I portland cement

A portland cement used for general construction which is produced without any of the special distinguishing qualities imparted to other types.
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07 in 1965 to produce Ordinary Portland Cement in sufficient quantity to meet the demand of cement in the State of Qatar.
A sample of an ordinary Portland cement (OPC) was blended with oil shale ash at different temperatures.
Different blending ratios between oil shale ash and ordinary Portland cement were used in this study to determine the possible blending ratio with normal clinker raw materials for further processing without affecting the properties.
The Purdue-Solidia team is conducting long-term investigations exploring "Failure Mechanisms in Concrete: A Comparative Study of the Ordinary Portland Cement and Solidia Cement Concretes.
However, the team was able to tweak fly ash-limestone-portland cement mixtures to overcome the gap, primarily by lowering the water-to-powder ratio and switching from an ASTM C150 Type I to Type III cement, while still reducing overall cost compared with the original 100 percent ordinary portland cement mixture.
Limited Tenders are invited for Ordinary Portland Cement Gr 43
Tenders Are Invited For Procurement Of 80,000Mt Plus Or Minus 30 Percent Ordinary Portland Cement (Opc) Gr-43 As Per Is 269 To 4 X 270 Mw Bhadradri Tps, Manuguru Site, Telangana On F.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Ordinary Portland Cement
Tenders are invited for supply of ordinary portland cement 43 grade only original manufacturers eligible
Tenders are invited for Ordinary Portland Cement 43 Grade In 50Kg Hdpe Bags Confirming To Is 8112:1989/Latest
Tenders Are Invited For Supply of 43 Grade Ordinary Portland Cement