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a city and administrative center of Ordubad Raion, Nakhichevan’ ASSR. Ordubad is situated in the foothills of the Zangezur Range, 4 km from the Ordubad railroad station (on the Baku-Yerevan line). Population, 6,900 (1973). The city has a silk-spinning mill, a fruit-growing combine, a silkworm-breeding farm, and enterprises producing building materials.

Ordubad is the site of the house-museums of the writer M. S. Ordubady and the Azerbaijani petrochemist and academician Iu. Mamedaliev, both of whom were born in the city. Ordubad also has a people’s amateur theater. Noteworthy architectural landmarks include the Dzhuma Mosque (rebuilt in the 17th century), a two-story madrasa (early 18th century), the Dil’ber Mosque (18th century), and vestibuled dwellings (18th and 19th centuries). The dwellings represent a distinctive type of Azerbaijani folk housing.


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This time, Bakcell has opened a Sales and Service Center with a brand new concept and design in the city of Ordubad of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.
They stressed the importance of rapid implementation of the "Agreement on cooperation in the construction and operation of Ordubad and Marazad power stations between the governments of Azerbaijan and Iran.
Within a short time, gross settlement of Armenians from Iran and Turkey (above mentioned map is well illustrating the geographical proximity of these states) in the territories of Azerbaijan has begun for instance in Iravan, Nagorno-Karabakh, Nakhchivan, Zengezur, Dereleyez, Ordubad, Vedibasar, Artashat and others.
2] Ordubad Contract Area in Azerbaijan to the local Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.
Azerbaijani ambassador for his part referred to the long-term cooperation between the two countries in energy sector and said "we are eager in quick completion of feasibility study of Ordubad and Marazad dams and acceleration of the establishment of the dams.
Elchibey based his political support on sub-clan ties from Ordubad in Nakbichevan near the Iranian border.
Both the parties also sanctioned to bolster approval by the appropriate Iranian authorities including ratification by the Parliament of the agreement on construction and operation of Ordubad and Marazad HPS signed during the last visit of President Ilham Aliyev to Iran.
The cooperation in the energy sector is successful, and the agreement signed today for the construction of Ordubad and Marazad hydroelectric power plants will further strengthen this cooperation," Aliyev said.
The company has the permission to grow six deposits in the south-west of Azerbaijan -- Gadabay, Ordubad, Gosha Bulag, Gyzyl Bulag, Vezhnali and Soyutlu, under a production sharing contract employed in August 1997 with Azerbaijan's government.
Besides, there were discussions on the building of dams and hydropower stations Ordubad and Marazat, plus the construction of a bridge amid the Iran and Julfa in Azerbaijani too, according to Vatanfada.
The Anglo Asian Mining Company owns licenses to develop six deposits in the south-western part of Azerbaijan - Gedabek, Ordubad, Gosha Bulag, Gyzyl Bulag, Vezhnali as well as Soyutlu on the basis of a PSA kind of accord, which was inked in August 1997 with the Government of Azerbaijan.