Ore Mountains

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Ore Mountains:

see ErzgebirgeErzgebirge
[Ger.,=ore mountains], Czech Krušné Hory, mountain range, along the Czech–German border, extending c.95 mi (150 km) from the Fichtelgebirge in the southwest to the Elbe River in the northeast.
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Specific Ecosystems and Biotopes of the Eastern Ore Mountains in Relation to the Research Hypotheses
The study area is situated in forests damaged by industrial air pollution, on plateaus of the Ore Mountains (735-956 m a.
It is still drizzling as we make our way from the town of Dresden towards the Ore Mountains in the German state of Saxony.
Several weeks in June will be over the Ore Mountains near Kraslice to fly a helicopter and calcareous forests.
The subject of the tender is the supply of fire of a car acquired in the project implementation Firefighters Without Borders Interconnection fire activity in the border region Ore Mountains / Erzgebirge and investments in fire (special) technique.
Against the background of a future necessary upgrading of the existing Swissphone alert network in the coming years in the district of Saxon Switzerland & Eastern Ore Mountains, it has become imperative for procurement of Pager on sustainable investment and, under Findings data protection, to rely on encryption.
And the AA Pirna with GST , and the Job Centre Saxon Switzerland & Eastern Ore Mountains.
The contract concerns the reforestation of forestry cooperatives slavo ovce: volovske hills and the slovak ore mountains and includes the following activities: removal haluziny after treatment nt, haluziny sanitation, reforestation afforestation, removal of unwanted vegetation prior to afforestation, soil preparation for natural regeneration, protection against mlp weed trimming, mlp protection against animals painted repellents, shoulders ruby-removing unwanted trees from mlp.
The subject of the tender is Air application of dolomitic limestone forests damaged by air pollution in areas of the Czech Republic in the years 2015-2016 - specifically in the Ore Mountains for 6 comprehensive sites (Hora Sv.
The subject of procurement is the reconstruction of the radio network Mountain Rescue Service of the Czech Republic in the areas of the Ore Mountains, Giant Mountains, Eagle Mountains, Beskydy and Forest, which lies in the transition from analogue to digital operation TDMA standard, with the option of transmitting position data of terminals.
Contract notice: EU-wide tender of transport services exempted school transport in the Ore Mountains and in the counties of Central Saxony and Zwickau from school year 2015/2016.
The aim was to promote the integration of weak long-term unemployed in the Ore Mountains.