Oregon National Historic Trail

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Oregon National Historic Trail

(Oregon-California Trails Association)
Address:PO Box 1019
Independence, MO 64051

Phone:816-252-2276 - Phone
Fax:816-836-0989 - Fax
Web: www.octa-trails.org

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Oregon National Historic Trail

(Trail Administrator - National Park Service)
Address:NPS National Trails System Office, Salt Lake City
324 S State St, PO Box 45155
Salt Lake City, UT 84145

Phone:801-741-1012 - Phone
Fax:801-741-1102 - Fax
Web: www.nps.gov/oreg
Established: November 10, 1978. Description:Trail was the pathway to the Pacific for fur traders, gold seekers, missionaries, and emigrants. Between 1841 and the mid 1860s, an estimated 300,000 pioneers followed this route from the Midwest to Oregon on a trip that took five months to complete. Today the trail corridor contains some 300 miles of discernible wagon ruts and 125 historic sites. The approximate route can be followed by automobile, and opportunities are available to travel by foot, horse, or bike in many places.
Legth: 2,170 miles.

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