Orekhovo-Zuevo Cotton Textile Combine

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Orekhovo-Zuevo Cotton Textile Combine


(full name, K. I. Nikolaeva Orekhovo-Zuevo Cotton Textile Combine), an enterprise located in the city of Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow Oblast. It produces cotton yarn, unbleached and finished fabrics, and sewing thread. The combine was established from the textile enterprises that belonged to the Morozov family of industrialists until 1917. The Orekhovo textile workers were active in the revolutionary movement in Russia. The Morozov strike of 1885, led by P. A. Moiseenko and V. S. Volkov, was of great importance. The workers at the Morozov factories took part in the Revolution of 1905–07 and in the October Socialist Revolution of 1917.

The Orekhovo-Zuevo combine was formed in 1938 and was named for K. I. Nikolaeva in 1944. As of 1973 the combine consisted of two spinning factories, three weaving factories, a thread-spinning factory, a blanket and quilt factory, and a bleaching and dyeing factory. High-speed equipment has been installed, production processes have been mechanized and automated, and production shops have been rebuilt. In 1972 the production of yarn was increased by a factor of 3 as compared with 1913; production of unbleached fabrics, by a factor of 2; production of finished fabrics, by a factor of 2.5; and production of sewing thread, by a factor of 8.3. The staff of the combine initiated highly productive work methods, such as multimachine operation, started by a Komsomol youth brigade led by M. M. Volkova, and emulation aimed at fulfillment of production plans ahead of schedule. The combine was awarded the Order of Lenin in 1947 and the Order of the Red Banner of Labor in 1944.


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