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Oresme, Nicole


Born circa 1323 in Oresme, Normandy; died 1382 in Lisieux. French mathematician, physicist, and economist.

Oresme made one of the first attempts to construct a rectilinear coordinate system, and he introduced such concepts of mechanics as acceleration and the average rate of uniformly changing motion. In 1368 he introduced the use of fractional exponents. His Traité de la sphère (Treatise on the Sphere) played a significant role in the development of French astronomical and geographical terminology.


Algorismus proportianum. Edited by E. L. W. Curtz. Berlin, 1868.


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We learn that Nicole Oresme anticipated Descartes' idea of coordinate systems on page 152, then again on page 154.
Nicholas Oresme and Heinrich of Langenstein poured scorn on astrological prediction from a rationalist perspective while Pierre d'Ailly tried to define the legitimate scope of the study of the heavens.
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