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organ transplant:

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surgical procedure by which a tissue or organ is removed and replaced by a corresponding part, usually from another part of the body or from another individual.
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In 1987, new federal regulations required hospitals funded by Medicare and Medicaid to develop organ transplant policies and to affiliate with organ procurement agencies.
Abu Dhabi: Last year was a milestone year for organ transplants in the UAE.
Also participating at the Millennium Park rally was Naperville-based Organ Transplant Support, a nonprofit which provides education, support and resources for transplant families, while also promoting organ and tissue donor awareness.
The question of clinical death is a medical and legal problem, while the issue of organ transplants has raised vital ethical issues such as the clear definition of death and the timing and manner of authorizing the transplant procedures.
Frey presents readers with an examination of the intersection between organ transplants and their representation in contemporary and historical literary fiction.
On average, three people in the UK die each day because they do not get the organ transplant they need.
Last year 3,502 organ transplants were carried out in the UK.
And the Japanese people should avoid depending excessively on organ transplants overseas,'' Hosoda told a separate news conference.
Summary: When Cathie and Sohrab Mirza from Farnborough learnt their daughter needed an organ transplant, they both stepped up to help.
While the law is being discussed in the PA, Shahin said, the minister of health issued a new decision to monitor organ transplants, making it obligatory for the donor and recipient to get approval from the Ministry of Health and the Doctors' Syndicate.
Coun Whitby extended Birmingham's encouragement to Guangzhou and the Chinese Government to ensure that the new legislation conforms to World Health Organisation standards for organ transplants.
55 organ transplants have been carried out in Cardiff since the beginning of this year - 45 cadaveric (transplant of an organ from a deceased donor) and 10 from live donors.