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organ transplant:

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surgical procedure by which a tissue or organ is removed and replaced by a corresponding part, usually from another part of the body or from another individual.
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Ethnicity can often play an important part in blood transfusions, stem cell transplants and organ transplants.
Kidney and Liver Transplants Top the Organ Transplants Worldwide II-2
One common thought of surgeons who perform organ transplants in Turkey is that Turkey is one of the leading countries for organ transplants, but unfortunately there are fewer people donating organs compared to other countries, which means not as many lives can be saved.
At present China is the world's second-largest demand for organ transplants.
LANI ROSE R DIZON DOHA THE Qatar Organ Donor Center, which will be responsible for the management and distribution of the organs donated for patients in need of organ transplant in the country, is set to open this year, said Dr Yousef al Maslamani, head of Organ Transplant Committee at the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC).
For more details, access the PDF pamphlet on organ transplants by clicking on: http://rwjms.
Dr Abaza told Al-Ahaly opposition newspaper that a co-operation accord has been signed with Italy, an advanced country with wide experience with organ transplants, in order to train doctors in this field, as well as other medical staff, responsible for patients in intensive care.
Dr Al Obaidli said organ transplant surgery was "one of the medical miracles of the 21st century, that has prolonged and improved the lives of thousands of patients worldwide.
Official authorization for organ removal will come from a three-person panel to be established by the Higher Committee for Organ Transplants, a Ministry of Health-affiliated body.
Last year, 3,504 organ transplants were carried out in the UK from 1,844 deceased and living donors.
The current Organ Transplant Law enacted in 1997 only allows for organ transplants from people who are aged 15 or older, have expressed their intention to donate organs while alive and were determined brain dead.
At the same time, he added, eIuWe are among four countries that have increasing rates of illegal organ transplants and organ tourism.