Organic Statute of the Kingdom of Poland 1832

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Organic Statute of the Kingdom of Poland (1832)


a constitution introduced in the Kingdom of Poland after the suppression of the Polish Uprising of 1830–31 to replace the Constitution of 1815. It was promulgated in St. Petersburg by Tsar Nicholas I on Feb. 14 (26), 1832. Although the Organic Statute abolished the Sejm and the Polish Army, it preserved such autonomous institutions as the vicegerency, the State Council, and the vicegerent’s Administrative Council. These institutions, however, gradually disappeared as the Russian imperial administration was extended to the Kingdom of Poland.

In 1861, during an upsurge in the revolutionary movement, the tsarist government restored some of the institutions guaranteed in the Organic Statute, such as the State Council, which had been abolished in 1841.

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