Organization of the Ground by Engineer Work

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Organization of the Ground by Engineer Work


the complex of engineering measures taken for the erection of fortifications and the adaptation of terrain for the combat action of troops. This work is performed by all services of the armed forces in different types of combat and large-unit operations. The most complex works are carried out by the use of engineering technology by the engineer troops.

The organization of the ground by engineer work includes building defensive and protective installations (trenches, dugouts, shelters, covers for equipment, etc.); setting up various types of obstacles; laying troop routes; building roads, bridges, airfields, and water-supply installations; and camouflaging the combat formation of troops and equipment. Troops begin organizing the ground by engineer work right after they take up defense positions and occupy areas; they carry it out in a definite sequence that ensures security and the maintenance of combat capability. The wide use of modern engineering machinery (special engineering machines, such as trench diggers, excavators, and track-layers), of explosives, and of prefabricated collapsible fortification installations makes it possible to organize the ground by engineer work in a short time.


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