Orhan Hançerlioglu

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Hançerlioğlu, Orhan


Born 1916 in Constantinople. Turkish writer.

In 1939, Hançerlioğlu graduated from the law school of the University of Istanbul. He served as a kaimakam (head of a vilayet) in various parts of Anatolia and later was a civil servant in Istanbul. He is the author of short stories and of short novels, the most highly regarded of which are Dark World (1951), Big Fish (1952), Ali (1955), City Without People (1953), and The Seventh Day (1957). Hancerlioglu mainly depicts peasants and city dwellers of provincial Anatolia. He accurately portrays the difficulties of life in Turkish villages and the backwardness and lack of rights of the peasants.

Hançerlioğlu writes in a laconic style, drawing his characters in a realistic and vivid manner. He has also written a number of scholarly works and reference books on history, philosophy, economics, and politics. Many of his articles and sketches are of great interest for their comments on Russian literature, for example, those on Tolstoy, Chekhov, and Turgenev.


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