Orientable Surface

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orientable surface

[‚ȯr·ē‚en·tə·bəl ′sər·fəs]
A surface for which an object resting on one side of it cannot be moved continuously over it to get to the other side without going around an edge.

Orientable Surface


a surface that can be oriented. An orientable surface is the opposite of a nonorientable surface. On a nonorientable surface, for example, a Möbius band, there always exist closed curves such that the orientation of a small neighborhood of a point moving along the curve is reversed when the entire curve is traversed. The projective plane is an important example of a closed nonorientable surface.

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This orientability is determined by the resin and molding conditions.
Both figures imply that materials with either high crystallizabiltty or high orientability will be more sensitive to perturbations in [[Phi].
The resulting orientation balance of the crystallographic axes is governed largely by the total chain axis orientation because of the melt orientability of the resin type and the molding conditions.