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Since Jacobus ignores purely graphic variants between manuscript and edition, he cannot have found oigenis in the latter; the regular agreement of his edition with H7526 against H7524 precludes oigenis, but if it read origenis, it must be later, not earlier, than the one edition to read oigenis, namely H7524, and hence cannot have been published in 1491.
ARL also announced it had expanded and extended its existing drug research alliance with Origenis GmbH to focus on discovery and development of small molecules which could be used in the treatment of eye diseases.
A comparison with the achievement of Johann Jakob Wettstein's massive Novum Testamentum Graecum (1751-1752) and, perhaps rather more obviously, with Frederick Field's Origenis hexaplorum quae supersunt (1875) seems justified--except that Robinson et al.
Rufinus returned to Rome, where he translated Book I of Pamphilus, Apology for Origen, to which he added his own De adulteratione librorum Origenis and also Origen's De Principiis.
In addition to this new agreement, Alcon expanded its existing drug research alliance with Origenis GmbH with a focus on the discovery and development of the small molecules that might one day have a role in the treatment of eye diseases.
The expansion of our already successful arrangement with Origenis will also help Alcon add more early-stage compounds to our exploratory efforts.
Guillon, in Origenis opera 4 (Paris: Vrin, 1892) 356-57; Jerome, In Ezechielem prophetam 1.
119): |Palaestina et Aegyptus aliique omens, qui Origenis auctoritate plurimum commoventur'.
Field, Origenis Hexaplorum quae supersunt (Oxford: Clarendon Press 1875), 143 has [epsilon] [rho] [epsilon] [theta] i ov instead of [epsilon] [rho] [epsilon] [theta] i [epsilon] [sigma] [theta] [alpha] .