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ORM Timber Fund IV is a fund of Washington, US-based Pope Resources (NASDAQ: POPE).
JDXA is one of the easiest Android ORM frameworks I have worked with so far," says Lakitha Samarasinghe, Mobile Tech Lead at Fidenz.
In the comics, Ocean Master or Orm wants nothing more than the throne of Atlantis.
Only 17 percent of the survey's Basel Advanced Measurement Approach (AMA) respondents, which span North America, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, said that their firms fully align ORM with strategy.
The king orders Orm and his love rival Arrog (Sean Bean) to rescue her.
Electri-Cord Manufacturing Company of Westfield, Pennsylvania, has acquired ORM Incorporated, a wire harness, panel and box build, contract manufacturer.
I've listened to many ORM presentations, but I've never fully understood how to apply the methodology to my avionics expertise.
Additionally, a few empirical studies have shown the association between ICT ORM and performance in an SME [ITGI (2013)].
Just as fleet operators use the OPNAV ORM policy as a guide to manage risks in their daily operations and personal lives, the acquisition community and systems commands use these system safety processes to facilitate mitigation of system induced hazards without incurring excessive costs or unreasonably limiting performance of the weapon systems.
The addition of ORM to this process will not only improve SD model conceptualization but also make input data reusable and transferable (from one system to another or from one organization to another).
Orm was important enough to marry the daughter of Nicholas de Tosni, the lord of Stafford Castle.
The new instruction includes five enclosures which expand and define roles and responsibilities required by all naval personnel in ORM Fundamentals, ORM Time Critical Risk Management (TCRM), ORM Training Continuum, ORM program and evolution evaluations and an ORM glossary.