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Iran: see HormozHormoz
, Hormuz
or Ormuz
, island (1989 est. pop. 2,500), 5 mi (8.1 km) long and 3.5 mi (5.6 km) wide, S Iran, in the Strait of Hormuz (Hormoz), between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Salt and red ocher are produced.
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, Ormuz
an island off the SE coast of Iran, in the Strait of Hormuz: ruins of the ancient city of Hormuz, a major trading centre in the Middle Ages. Area: about 41 sq. km (16 sq. miles)
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Trousdale notes that while "Saleem cracks under the strains of millions of Indias, Ormus 'bounces down' the entire world.
El mundo pendiente de sujetar es el de Filipinas, Camboya, Sian, Pegu, Ranchon, Conchinchina, Maluchas, China, Seilan, Pan, Patan, Samatra, Jor, Bengala, Goa, Ormus, Basora, Mozambique, Madagascar y cabo de Buena Esperanza es el orbe del caos que es preciso ordenar.
87) [Vilela] 'levava huma loba aperta de chamelote, e huma capa d'asperges con Sabastos de borcado de Ormus, ainda que velha, e seo barrete', Luis Frois, Historia de Japam, ed.
He hangs in shades the Orange bright, Like golden Lamps in a green Night, And does in the Pomegranates close Jewels more rich than Ormus show's.
It was always Ormus Cama's hope that it might be possible for human beings -- for himself -- to transcend the frontier of skin, not to cross the colour line but to rub it out.
Ormus launched a still vaster project, to reclaim the ocean floor, but the effort was abandoned when the sun paled and the fertility even of humankind began to wane.
But if Vina and Ormus were bacteria, too, they were a pair of bugs who wouldn't take life lying down.
The Ground Beneath Her Feet, Rushdie's previous outing, was a nearly 600-page anthem to the love of Vina Apsara and Ormus Cama, two world-famous rock stars.
An inventive, gargantuan love story whose prose pulsates with enough rhythm to make your foot tap, the novel chronicles the rocky love affair between partial divinity Vina Apsara, a legendary half-Indian, half-Greek pop singer, and Ormus Cama, her part-divine musician soul-mate.
Ormus Cama, musician and songwriter, and Vina Apsara, singer extraordinaire, are the driving force behind the band, and their playing out of a variation of the Orpheus-Eurydice myth, as narrated by Rai, photographer and friend to both, is the focus of the story.
Ormus Cama y yo, que nos criamos en la India, sentiamos que nuestros corazones tendian hacia el oeste; que extrano es pensar en los primeros anos de Vina bajo la egida de aquel hombre bueno y sencillo con su pasion por el este, o si no por este, por sus bestias peludas.
The Ground Beneath Her Feet is the epic, mythically textured love story of a rock 'n' roll duo, Ormus Cama and Vina Apsara.