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C5H12O2N2 An amino acid occurring in the urine of some birds, but not found in native proteins.



H2N(CH2)3CH(NH2)COOH (also α, δ-di-aminovaleric acid), an amino acid that is readily soluble in water and alcohol.

Ornithine has one asymmetric carbon atom and exists in two optically active forms (D- and L-) and one racemic form, L-ornithine, found in the tissues of animals and humans, plays an important role in the biosynthesis of urea by the ornithine cycle. It is formed from arginine and α-amino-y-formylbutyric acid and may be converted to proline. Free L-ornithine is found in plants; bound L-ornithine is a component of several peptide antibiotics (bacitracin and gramicidin). L-ornithine has not been isolated from natural proteins.

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If we can make a tool appear very simple--so it looks almost too simple to do anything powerful--then we're hitting the mark," Orn says.
Orn and Volnard eventually part company, leading to the most compelling chapter: "Separation" (each of the film's seven segments is introduced in garish red letters, a punk touch in an otherwise spartan film).
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