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C5H12O2N2 An amino acid occurring in the urine of some birds, but not found in native proteins.
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H2N(CH2)3CH(NH2)COOH (also α, δ-di-aminovaleric acid), an amino acid that is readily soluble in water and alcohol.

Ornithine has one asymmetric carbon atom and exists in two optically active forms (D- and L-) and one racemic form, L-ornithine, found in the tissues of animals and humans, plays an important role in the biosynthesis of urea by the ornithine cycle. It is formed from arginine and α-amino-y-formylbutyric acid and may be converted to proline. Free L-ornithine is found in plants; bound L-ornithine is a component of several peptide antibiotics (bacitracin and gramicidin). L-ornithine has not been isolated from natural proteins.

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Beyond empowering Vmembers of the LGBTI community, ORN has run programmes to increase the knowledge and understanding amongst the public on the issues the LGBTI community deals with and how these issues can be addressed.
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The intention of this letter is to provide Nursing Council with suggestions to make the process of registration more user-friendly for overseas registered nurses (ORNs), without compromising the safety of the New Zealand public.
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JQ: They're always shown in your films as complex, erotic beings, full of life and sex and sorrow: Orn in Blissfully Yours, some of the women in Haunted Houses, the two sisters and even the "older sister" singer in Tropical Malady, and the materialistic mother, "a proper Thai lady," in Iron Pussy.
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