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Kemaluddin Behzad was the pioneer of Islamic ornamentation art, she said.
Shaikh Abdullah and Al Ka'abi honoured the winners for their outstanding submissions in the award's three categories Arabic calligraphy, Islamic ornamentation (Zakhrafa), and poetry.
The different styles and forms of ornamentation of every tribe's headdresses each reflect different aspects of the group's traditional civilization and way of life.
AGC says that it has set up a mass production process to create the world's first door trim ornamentation.
Intersecting in a dual movement are references to ornamentation and its condemnation, on the one hand, and to French royalty and its dramatic end, on the other.
According to pollen morphology studies on selected taxa of Brassicaceae by (Pinar et al., 2009), the ornamentation of Hesperis L.
In perhaps the most theoretically grounded chapter of the book, Chapter 2, "Dickinson's Ornamental Form," Davis contends that there is an openness to Dickinson's ornamentation that leads us directly to Heidegger's doorstep, allowing us to peer into the Open.
Abdomen has one distinct white waxy ornamentation, barrel-shaped, on the dorsal part of segment III (Figure 3; collection nos.
29 (BNA): A modern art exhibition including a series of workshops themed around modern artistic interpretations of traditional Arabic calligraphy is taking place at Sharjah Calligraphy Museum in partnership with the Emirates Society for Arabic Calligraphy & Islamic Ornamentation.
Uplighting also dramatizes [the Seaboard's] decorative ornamentation; you get accent light on the bottom of that ornamentation and deep shadows above it.
This is largely accounted for by the decision to trim a recitative, airs and a chorus from the final stages of the work, but it seemed throughout that conductor David Angus insisted on rapid tempos, so that there was little let up in the pace, apart from some cadences where the beat was suspended to allow soloists to execute attractive ornamentation.