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The branch of geography dealing with mountains.
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the branch of geomorphology devoted to the description and classification of forms of relief (mountain ranges, uplands, basins, and so on) on the basis of external characteristics and without regard to origin.

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Secondly, the orography was a natural filter that defined the best climbers and the most likely winners of a cycling race.
Experts think area is the most important criterion in the dimension of orography ([D.sub.2]).
The terrain roughness, orography factors and the aerodynamic coefficients for the external pressure defined by national code and the mean velocity pressure acting on the external surfaces calculated by Eq.
The urban growth of Tijuana, as show in Figure 2, has been highly determined by the orography and influenced by the regional road network.
This site is a remnant of tropical dry forest and has an irregular orography. Surrounding natural vegetation is characteristic of lowland deciduous scrub (Castillo 1995).
Furthermore, zones infested with this pest have important physical barriers, due to orography of the Sierra Gorda, with hills over 2500 m around the orchards.
Equally significant in the MTZ are the enormous possibilities of allopatric differentiation that derive from an extremely complex orography in a tropical region (Halffter 1987).
Topographically, the most extensive stand of deciduous oaks are located in mild slope zones, where they have remained, given that its use turned out to be very complicated due to the land orography (Ruiz de la Torre, 1991).