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In this score, the mezzo-soprano sings the Ashbery text while the bass sings fragments of Greek texts chosen by me, starting with the Orphic creation story, including a few lines attributed by Plato to the actual poet, Orpheus.
Oddly, in this time of economic challenge, we are seeing a resurgence of the Orphic leader.
In the Orphic tradition of Greek myth, Chaos exists at the beginning as a primordial entity.
5) Schneider argues that that the Olympian/Chthonic opposition is more important to the poem than the narrower Apollonian/Dionysian opposition, and she (like Zonana) uses Muller's tripartite classification of ancient singers (the followers of Apollo, the Phrygian worshippers, and the Orphic followers of Dionysus and Demeter) in preference to Nietzsche's binary model of Apollonian versus Dionysian (Schneider, p.
The second section is about motion and the expression of a will and agency in literary automata in Orphic poetry, devotional rhetoric and civic pageantry.
I've set two wonderful texts (the Homeric and Orphic Hymns to Gaia) which, although from ancient Greece, speak directly to us today.
Milanovic's "lonely scribe" finds solace in the Orphic myth and the natural cycle, where death brings rebirth.
1) I also had the privilege of writing the introduction to his great translation of Campana's Orphic Songs for the Field series along the way.
In an essay on orphic tradition, the latter intuited the powerful effect Merini's psychological troubles would have on her work.
The book unmistakably turns its back on the Orphic preoccupations with the hereafter that characterized Greene's Catholic novels, and wholeheartedly embraces a Bacchic emphasis on the here and now.
The recently discovered Strasbourg and Derveni papyri manage to shed considerable new light on the Orphic tradition and on Empedocles.