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(computer science)
An instruction which performs the logical operation “or” on a bit-by-bit basis for its two or more operand words, usually storing the result in one of the operand locations. Also known as OR function.
A logical operation whose result is false (or zero) only if every one of its operands is false, and true (or one) otherwise. Also known as inclusive or.

Oregon State Information


Area (sq mi):: 98380.64 (land 95996.79; water 2383.85) Population per square mile: 37.90
Population 2005: 3,641,056 State rank: 0 Population change: 2000-20005 6.40%; 1990-2000 20.40% Population 2000: 3,421,399 (White 83.50%; Black or African American 1.60%; Hispanic or Latino 8.00%; Asian 3.00%; Other 8.80%). Foreign born: 8.50%. Median age: 36.30
Income 2000: per capita $20,940; median household $40,916; Population below poverty level: 11.60% Personal per capita income (2000-2003): $28,097-$28,734
Unemployment (2004): 7.30% Unemployment change (from 2000): 2.20% Median travel time to work: 22.20 minutes Working outside county of residence: 22.50%

List of Oregon counties:

  • Baker County
  • Benton County
  • Clackamas County
  • Clatsop County
  • Columbia County
  • Coos County
  • Crook County
  • Curry County
  • Deschutes County
  • Douglas County
  • Gilliam County
  • Grant County
  • Harney County
  • Hood River County
  • Jackson County
  • Jefferson County
  • Josephine County
  • Klamath County
  • Lake County
  • Lane County
  • Lincoln County
  • Linn County
  • Malheur County
  • Marion County
  • Morrow County
  • Multnomah County
  • Polk County
  • Sherman County
  • Tillamook County
  • Umatilla County
  • Union County
  • Wallowa County
  • Wasco County
  • Washington County
  • Wheeler County
  • Yamhill County
  • Oregon Parks



    a river in Aktiubinsk Oblast, Kazakh SSR, and in Orenburg Oblast, RSFSR. A left tributary of the Ural River, the Or’ is 332 km long and drains an area of 18,600 sq km. It is formed by the confluence of the Shiili and Terisbutak rivers, which rise on the western slopes of the Mugodzhar Mountains. The river is fed primarily by snow. The mean flow rate 61 km from the mouth is 21.3 cu m per sec. High water lasts from April to mid-May; during the rest of the year the river is extremely shallow. It freezes during the second half of October or in November and thaws at the end of March or in April. The waters of the Or’ are used for basin irrigation and for water supply. The city of Orsk is located at the point where the Or’ empties into the Ural River.


    Abbr. for “outside radius.”


    The Boolean function which is true if any of its arguments are true. Its truth table is:

    A | B | A OR B --+---+--------- F | F | F F | T | T T | F | T T | T | T


    A Boolean logic operation that is true if any of the inputs is true. An exclusive OR (XOR) is true if only one of the inputs is true, but not both. See AND-OR-NOT.

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    ORS symptoms are most often reported as beginning when patients are in their mid- twenties, (2,11) with other reports suggesting an even earlier onset, that is, during puberty or adolescence.
    ORS is an important part of research and development in the aerospace technology.
    Some data elements can be expressed in terms of their frequency, represented as "seldom," "occasional," "frequent," and "constant" in the ORS.
    only 12 mothers (9%) knew that ORS packets are available in all government hospitals and that too free of cost [Figure 2].
    ORS has now ended all legal action against the CHC, its officers and members.
    After its mass application in the refugee camps, the World Health Organisation ( WHO) took up the project across 105 countries and accredited the use of ORS globally.
    Since 2001, ORS has been developing its Low Riser Return System (LRRS) technology providing managed pressure drilling for the subsea sector.