Orthogonal Projection

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orthogonal projection

[ȯr′thäg·ən·əl prə′jek·shən]
Also known as orthographic projection.
(graphic arts)
A two-dimensional representation formed by perpendicular intersections of lines drawn from points on the object being pictured to a plane of projection.
A continuous linear map P of a Hilbert space H onto a subspace M such that if h is any vector in H,h= P h+w, wherewis in the orthogonal complement of M.
A mapping of a configuration into a line or plane that associates to any point of the configuration the intersection with the line or plane of the line passing through the point and perpendicular to the line or plane.

Orthogonal Projection


a particular case of parallel projection in which the axis or plane of projection is perpendicular (orthogonal) to the direction of projection.

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It follows that [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is the orthogonal projection.
Let PY be the orthogonal projection onto Y, and let [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] be the result of the error projection
The orthogonal projection of the tangential electric fields at each port [P.
We also have proved that the orthogonal projection of the orthocenter of the Pavillet tetrahedron on the plane of its base triangle is the Gergonne point of its base triangle.
5) Find portions of the beam which do not hit any facet by subtracting the beam-polygon intersections from the orthogonal projection of the beam.
We will use the orthogonal projection of inscribed 3D polyominoes on the upper face of the prism in view of the fact that an inscribed 3D polyomino is of minimal volume if and only if its orthogonal projection on each face of the circumscribed prism is a 2D polyomino of minimal area.
2] we can consider the orthogonal projection P from [L.
f] can be found by the orthogonal projection of the row space of [Y.
The magnetization is thermally distributed, rapidly decaying towards or near the origin of the orthogonal projection with multi-vector or curved trajectories before alteration of the magnetic mineral causes an abrupt increase in the magnetization at 400[degrees]C.
Drawing a profile of the skull in an orthogonal projection (by a dioptrograph) and the soft parts according to instructions.
Along the orthogonal projection into space, the figure of Christ institutes the eucharistic sacrament; this is ritual, to be repeated as long as human time lasts.

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