Osaka University

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Osaka University,

at Osaka, Japan; founded 1931 as Osaka Imperial Univ., renamed 1947. It has 11 faculties, 15 graduate schools, 5 research institutes (for microbial diseases, industrial research, protein research, social and economic research, and joining and welding research), and 2 hospitals. The sixth imperial university in Japan, It began with faculties of medicine and science, gradually expanded, and by 1949, as a result of the Japanese government's education system reform, the university had added faculties of letters and law.
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Dr Ismattullah said that there were strong relations between Osaka University and the Punjab University and a large number of Japanese students had completed their degrees in Urdu from Punjab University.
The primary energy consumption from 1999-2011 of the three main campuses of Osaka University is shown in Figure 1.
OSAKA - A team of researchers at an Osaka University institute said Tuesday they have developed a kit that can diagnose infection with new strains of flu in about 5 minutes through identification of genes and proteins in the virus.
Osaka University has a worldwide reputation for the application of the "Yuragi" algorithm to artificial systems.
The Gold Award granting 2 million yen was awarded to Assistant Professor Kunihiro Kaihatsu of Osaka University for "Development of rapid diagnosis kit for Tamiflu-resistant virus using hairpin peptide nuclear acids.
Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University who has created the Telenoid R1 robot says it "transmits the presence" of the caller.
and Osaka University have jointly developed a system to automatically sort six categories of waste plastics for recycling.
Prior to the events, Ambassador of Japan Mr Tetsuo Shioguchi held a welcome reception at his residence in honor of Kumamoto, who began to study the piano at the age of 5, and is now a professor of Music Performance Department at Osaka University of Arts
He said Urdu was being taught in Osaka University over the last one century.
Scientists led by Professor Hiroyasu Iso, of Osaka University, wrote in an online edition of the British Medical Journal: "Eating until full and eating quickly were associated with being overweight in Japanese men and women.
Those who did both had a higher body mass index, said Osaka University, Japan.
Mr Kawasaki, 59, an engineering professor at Osaka University, also designs arty syringes, artificial hearts, kitchen sponges and wheelchairs - including his own that he uses after a traffic accident 30 years ago.

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