Oscar Niemeyer

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Oscar Niemeyer
Oscar Ribeiro de Almeida Niemeyer Soares Filho
BirthplaceRio de Janeiro, Brazil

Niemeyer, Oscar

Brazilian architect who designed the Ministry of Health and Education, Rio de Janeiro (1945), a Modern-style tower block modified by louvers, devised by Le Corbusier, the consultant architect. Niemeyer was interested in buildings as sculpture. Brasilia, Brazil (1960), was planned in the shape of a bird, with the Parliamentary Building at its head. The influence of Le Corbusier is evident.

Niemeyer, Oscar


(full name, Oscar Niemeyer Soares Filho). Born Dec. 15, 1907, in Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian architect. Member of the Communist Party of Brazil.

Niemeyer graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro in 1934. He entered the office of L. Costa in 1932. Niemeyer subsequently was among the founders of the modern school of Brazilian architecture. He introduced new ways of using reinforced concrete and developed its artistic possibilities. These innovations made possible expressive designs characterized by bold forms, ingenious layout, and a sculptural quality. His works in this spirit include a sports and entertainment complex (1942–43) in Pampulha (near Belo Horizonte); the Boavista Bank (1946), the architect’s home (1953), the South American Hospital (1953), and the Hotel National (1970) in Rio de Janeiro; and the Museum of Fine Arts (1955–56) in Caracas, Venezuela.

In 1957, Niemeyer was asked to design the city of Brasilia. His designs for the city are expressive, contrasting the unusual shapes (domes, pyramids, cuplike forms, and arrowlike columns) of the government buildings with the severe geometric forms of the residential complexes.

In the 1960’s and early 1970’s, Niemeyer designed and constructed public buildings in Ghana, Lebanon, France, Italy, and Algeria. Among these was the building for the Central Committee of the Communist Party of France (Paris, 1966–71).

Niemeyer is a member of the Presidium of the World Peace Council. In 1963 he was awarded the International Lenin Prize for Strengthening Peace Between Nations.


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His firm, Harrison and Abramovitz, oversaw the execution of the design, which was made by merging two designs made by Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer and the French Le Corbusier.
The building that houses the National Congress of Brazil was designed by Oscar Niemeyer for the then newly built capital, Brasilia; planned and developed by Lucio Costa and Niemeyer; and inaugurated in 1960.
In Brazil, I learned of the growing enthusiasm for NFL football, while relating my son's and his friends' newly found passion for futebol that sent me in search of an authentic jersey of the Brazilian superstar, Oscar Niemeyer.
Japanese architect Shigeru Ban received the 2014 prize, and past recipients include Norman Foster, Herzog & de Meuron, Hans Hollein, Peter Zumthor, Oscar Niemeyer and Zaha Hadid.
In Brazil, the great Oscar Niemeyer often used to get criticised for his expensive vanity projects but his buildings were not a contribution to the rich but to all.
El texto--que deriva de la investigacion Poesia y tecnica, la herencia arquitectonica de Oscar Niemeyer, en curso de desarrollo en el ambito de las pesquisas en historia, critica y proyecto de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, en Medellin--analiza algunos aspectos de las primeras obras de Oscar Niemeyer y los compara con los temas arquitectonicos desplegados por Le Corbusier y quiere subrayar como para el joven brasileno la ensenanza del maestro suizo fue esencial en el desarrollo de su poetica y de su metodologia proyectual.
Le Volcan is a cultural area with a theatre, cinema and concert hall designed by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer in the 1980s.
In chapter three the author analyses how the discourses of architects Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer became well integrated into the discourse of the construction of the nation.
Entre los numerosos reclamos de Curitiba, a 850 kilometros de Rio, destacan su espectacular Jardin Botanico, que alberga parte del campus de la Universidad Federal de Parana, y el Museo Oscar Niemeyer, creado por el celebre y recordado arquitecto brasileno.
After sitting in a traffic jam for two hours in baking heat, we turned tail and fled north to Brasilia, the capital conceived by President Juscelino Kubitschek in 1956 and designed by modernist architect Oscar Niemeyer.
The new design of the city was planned by two leading persona: Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa.
At the Sambadromo parade grounds, designed by the late Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, six remaining top-tier schools were to hit the pavement Monday night.