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(ŏsēō`lə, ō–), c.1800–1838, leader of the SeminoleSeminole,
Native North Americans whose language belongs to the Muskogean branch of the Hokan-Siouan linguistic stock (see Native American languages). They separated (their name means "separatist") from the Creek in the early 18th cent.
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. He was also called Powell, the surname of his supposed white father. In the early 1830s, Osceola was living close to Fort King, near the site of Ocala, Fla. Although not a chief, he rose to a position of prominence among the Seminole and led the young warriors who denounced the treaties of 1832 and 1833, which provided for the removal of the Native Americans to the West. In Dec., 1835, Osceola's warriors killed Wiley Thompson, the Indian agent in charge of the removal. U.S. troops under General Jesup drove his band southward into the Everglades, but Osceola, skillfully using guerrilla tactics, resisted capture. Fighting ceased early in 1837, only to break out again in June. Overtures for peace were sent to Osceola, and he agreed to meet with Jesup in St. Augustine under a flag of truce. Jesup, never intending to discuss peace, had Osceola seized and imprisoned at Fort Moultrie, S.C., where he died shortly afterward.


See study by W. and E. Hartley (1973).

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Hatch acknowledges Osceola was a "Tustennugee" (head warrior) for the Seminoles.
The Osceola Council on Aging is one of the foremost local organizations which feeds the hungry and the homeless and serves the needs of all age groups," according to Annual Convention Co-chairs Juliet M.
In 2007, the Bugaboo Fire burned across much of Georgia and Florida, reaching into Osceola National Forest and destroying sections of its distinctive flatwoods.
Amy DeLong of Osceola was also ordered to draft and present to officials a document outlining issues that harm the United Methodist church's covenant with clergy.
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According to the company, areas of expanded coverage include Brevard County (a new cell site in Melbourne); Osceola County (a new cell site located between US 192 and Osceola Parkway); Orange County (a new cell site in southern Orlando); Marion County (a new cell site located on US 27); Flagler County (a new cell site located on US 1); Duval County (a new cell site located on A-1-A); Columbia County (a new cell site located near the intersection of US 90 and Brown Road); and Bay County (a new cell site in Panama City Beach).