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see SaaremaaSaaremaa
or Sarema
, Swed. Ösel, Rus. Ezel, 1,048 sq mi (2,714 sq km), island off the mainland of Estonia, in the Baltic Sea, across the mouth of the Gulf of Riga. It is irregular in shape and has a level terrain.
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, island, Estonia.
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This report is built using data and information sourced from Global Markets Direct's proprietary databases, Osel Inc.
Poldvee 2009 : 658), wird durch eine anthropomorphisierende Darstellung des guten, netten, puren, reinen Revalestnischen, nach welcher als der Mutter sich die in Lais (Laiuse), Oberpahlen (Poltsamaa), Pernau (Parnu) und Osel (d.
Breve til Dels med Bilag fra Hertug senere Kong Magnus af Osel, Wiek og Kurland Stifter og Administrator af Reval Stift til Kong Frederik II og enkelte andre 1559-1578).
12) Some of the bicyclists were to conduct a secondary landing northeast of Tagga Bay and race east to block the causeway to prevent the Russians from withdrawing from Osel.
Osel Hita Torres, 24, who was put on a throne as a toddler, now sports baggy trousers and long hair, and is more likely to quote Jimi Hendrix than the Buddha, The Guardian reports.
Regarding the Up Front lead article by Ananda Osel ("U.
e torna tutti a sentar digando le pi stupende panzane, stampie e imaginative, del mondo, de comare oca, de fraibolan, de osel bel verde, de statua de legno, del bossolo da le fade, d'i porceleti, de l'aseno che andete remito, del sorze che andete in pelegrinazo, del lovo che se fese miedego, e tante fanfalughe, che no besogna dir.
The OSEL made the decision to procure a total of 14 optical tables for use in optics and as isolation workstations, two variable-height vibration-isolation workstations, and a benchtop platform from Kinetic Systems.
Among other Liberated Theatre cult plays we should mention: Golem (1931), Caesar (1932), Robin Zbojnik [Robin Hood] (1932), Svet za mrizemi [World behind Bars] (1933)--containing the famous blues number Zivot je jen nahoda [Life is Just Chance], Osel a stin [The Donkey and the Shadow] (1933), Slameny klobouk [The Straw Hat] (1934), Kat a blazen [The Hangman and the Fool] (1934), Vzdy s usmevem [Always with a Smile] (1935), Panoptikum (1935), Balada z hadru [Ragtag Ballad] (1935), Nebe na zemi [Heaven and Earth] (1936), Rub a lic [Front and Back] (1936), Tezka Barbora [Heavy Barbara] (1937), and Pest na oko [A Sore Thumb] (1938).