Ösel, Battle of 1719

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Ösel, Battle of (1719)


an engagement between the Russian and Swedish navies on May 24 (June 4), 1719, near the island of Ösel (now Saaremaa), during the Northern War of 1700–21.

A Russian squadron of six ships of the line and a shniava (a light double-masted vessel for reconnaissance and messenger service) under Commander N. A. Seniavin came upon a Swedish force consisting of one ship of the line, one frigate, and one brigantine under Commodore Admiral Wrangel. The Russians gave chase. Under heavy artillery fire, first the frigate and brigantine and then the ship of the line surrendered.

The Russians took 387 Swedes prisoner; 50 Swedes were killed, and 13 were wounded. Nine Russians were wounded. The battle of Ösel was the first battle on the high seas in which the Russian Navy achieved victory without boarding the enemy’s ships.