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caliph: see UthmanUthman
or Othman
, c.574–656, 3d caliph (644–56), also known as Uthman ibn al-Affan; son-in-law of Muhammad. He belonged to the great Umayyad family and was selected as caliph after the murder of Umar.
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(Ottoman, Othman), a dynasty of Turkish sultans founded by Osman I, who ruled from 1299 or 1300 to 1324 or 1326.

The best-known sultans of the dynasty, in addition to Osman I, were Bayazid I Yilderim (the Lightning, 1389–1402), Mehmed II Fatih (the Conqueror, 1444 and 1451–81), Selim I Yavuz (the Terrible or the Cruel, 1512–20), Suleiman I Kanuni (the Lawgiver; in European literature the Magnificent, 1520–66), Selim III (1789–1807), Mahmud II (1808–39), and Abdul-Hamid II (1876–1909). The last Osman sultan, Mehmed VI Vahdettin (1918–22), fled from Turkey after the sultanate was abolished on Nov. 1, 1922. The Grand National Assembly of Turkey elected as caliph the Osman prince Abdul-Medjid. After the abolishment of the caliphate on Mar. 3, 1924, all members of the Osman dynasty were exiled.

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