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a receptor organ of mollusks, formed of specialized sensory epithelium. The osphradium is located in the mantle cavity, usually where the water passes to the branchial organs. It is well developed in some gastropod mollusks, in which it apparently serves as an olfactory organ. The functions of osmoreception and mechanoreception are also attributed to the osphradium.

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The fold of the siphonal base separating the anterior end of the osphradium from the gill in B.
The pallial nerve connects the osphradium to the supraesophageal ganglia, which is part of the central nervous system (Alexander, 1970).
Quantifying activity in the pallial nerve in response to odorant solutions required that the whelk be removed from its shell, the pallial nerves exposed, and the osphradium isolated.
FSW was continuously delivered to the osphradium chamber by gravity at approximately 6 ml/min.
To record activity in the pallial nerve associated with the exposure of the osphradium to odorant solutions, the nerve was cut and the afferent end was drawn into a suction electrode (Fig.
For each trial, data were recorded for 12 minutes: 6 minutes before the introduction of an odorant solution into the osphradium chamber, and 6 minutes after.
Anatomical and electrophysiological studies on the gastropod osphradium.
Fine structure and vital staining of osphradium of the southern oyster drill, Thais haemastoma canaliculata (Gray) (Prosobranchia: Muricidae).
Our comparative study also included the morphologically peculiar organ of an ampullariid snail (Haszprunar, 1985) and the mantle epithelia surrounding the prosobranch osphradium as well as that of a pelecypod, the freshwater mussel Anodonta cygnea, which has a poorly developed osphradium.
In all three prosobranch species examined, the osphradium is situated in the mantle roof, at the base of the siphon, which means that it is exposed to the inhalant current of external water.
The osphradium is a relatively simple structure running alongside the left gill.
In the mantle wall outside the osphradium, MEnk-ir elements are sometimes well developed, particularly in the connective tissue.