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a receptor organ of mollusks, formed of specialized sensory epithelium. The osphradium is located in the mantle cavity, usually where the water passes to the branchial organs. It is well developed in some gastropod mollusks, in which it apparently serves as an olfactory organ. The functions of osmoreception and mechanoreception are also attributed to the osphradium.

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FSW was continuously delivered to the osphradium chamber by gravity at approximately 6 ml/min.
To record activity in the pallial nerve associated with the exposure of the osphradium to odorant solutions, the nerve was cut and the afferent end was drawn into a suction electrode (Fig.
For each trial, data were recorded for 12 minutes: 6 minutes before the introduction of an odorant solution into the osphradium chamber, and 6 minutes after.
The pallial nerve typically showed spontaneous activity, although nerve activity clearly increased as the concentration of a detectable odorant solution in the osphradium chamber reached maximal concentration (Fig.
2) are similar to those recorded by Bailey and Laverack (1963, 1966) upon exposure of the osphradium of the common whelk (Buccinum undatum) to extracts prepared from the blue mussel (Mytilus edulis).
It is possible, therefore, that the ultimate origin for nerve activity seen during application of odorant solutions to the osphradium are proprioceptors, and that these are being stimulated by increased movements in response to application of odorant solutions to the osphradium.
Central nervous responses to chemical stimulation of a gastropod osphradium.
central responses to stimulation of the osphradium.