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ancient kingdom of Ireland, the borders of which are now largely traced by those of the Roman Catholic episcopal see of Ossory, including Kilkenny and parts of Co. Offaly and Co. Laoighis. An independent state on the borders of Leinster and Munster, its overlordship was long disputed. It became part of Leinster under the Normans in the 12th cent., and by the middle of the 14th cent. had become part of the earldom of Ormonde, held by the Butler family.
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He was arrested for driving without insurance or a licence at Ossory Road, North Strand, East Dublin, on February 11.
In an excellent article on "Pulp Facts and Core Fictions: Translating a Cathedral from Aghaboe to Kilkenny," the late John Bradley charts the historiography of the fictional move of the diocesan see of Ossory from Aghaboe to Kilkenny.
He detailed his thoughts in a letter to the Countess of Upper Ossory, dated 16 August 1776:
En Ossory, Leister, Laois: Archivium Ossoriense, 2012, 5.
The title of Vaughan's titular bishopric was significant, for his was not like the majority of titular sees whose names were rather obscure: the Benedictine Peter Baines was titular bishop of Siga as coadjutor to Bishop Collingridge, 1823-29; and the future Cardinal Moran was titular bishop of Olba when appointed in 1871 as coadjutor to the bishop of Ossory.
90) In Laois, the local Bishop of Ossory issued strong denunciations of the alcohol consumption prevalent in Gaelic matches and ordered the faithful to avoid its games.
35) On the execution of Louis xvi, he wrote to Lady Ossory that if "Savages, barbarians, etc.
To judge from recent scholarship on lycanthropy, (7) moreover, seemingly no encounter with a medieval werewolf, no transformation, no ecclesiastical trial was depicted by medieval artists with the exception of the werewolves of Ossory in Gerald of Wales's Topographia Hibernica from around 1220, illustrated in a British Library codex, MS Royal 13.
In The Precipitate Choice; or, The History of Lord Ossory and Miss Rivers (1772), an epistolary novel, 'By a Lady', Lady Ossory, spying on her husband, records: 'when all was hush, in glided, not Margaret's grimly ghost, but my good man' (vol.
The subject matter is grim, that goes without saying, but the evidence is there of a kind of ossory canonization, and here, for example, is what Koudounaris has to say of a certain skeleton which arrived in a small German village one day in 1723, as a gift to the villagers from the Pope.
The consequences of his conversion and fiery promotion of reform included two exiles: the first to Wesel, Germany, in 1540, after Henry VIII executed Bale's friend and patron Thomas Cromwell, and again to Basel after the assumption of Queen Mary in 1553, at which time Bale had been bishop of Ossory in Kilkenny, Ireland.
Thirteen of the other bishops were or are auxiliary bishops in Dublin and include Bishop Joseph Carroll (dead), Bishop Brendan Comiskey (resigned as Bishop of Ferns in 2002), Bishop Martin Drennan (Bishop of Galway), Bishop Patrick Dunne (deceased), Bishop Ray Field (auxiliary Bishop in Dublin) and Bishop Laurence Forristal (Bishop of Ossory to 2007).