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a distinguished music teacher, conductor, or musician


A northwesterly wind with fine weather which blows, especially in summer, in the Adriatic, most frequently on the western shore; it is also found on the coasts of Corsica and Sardinia.


(1) (Maestro NT) An earlier name for scheduling software for Windows NT from Tivoli Systems, Inc. When IBM acquired Tivoli in 1996, the program was renamed IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler.

(2) (Budget Maestro) Business planning and analysis software for Windows from Centage Corporation, Natick, MA ( Centage purchased this flagship product from Planet Corporation in 2002 and made it the centerpiece of its turnkey financial management solutions.

(3) (NFS Maestro Gateway) Software from Hummingbird Connectivity, a division of Open Text Corporation, Toronto, Ontario ( that lets Windows clients access files on Unix servers via NFS.
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I saw a lapse in the marketplace for a firm which would be able to utilize the power of social media in today's market geared towards the next generation of consumer who is more Blackberry and Facebook oriented rather than outdated brokerages who are falling behind," said Ostad.
As a whole, little attention has been devoted to studying variety in private speech usage as an explanation for individual performance differences in mathematics among children (Berk & Landau, 1993; Manning, White, & Daugherty, 1994; Ostad & Sorensen, 2007; Robinson et al.
These schools, therefore, may not fully appreciate the multitude of benefits available in the Dyscalculia Screener despite increasing numbers of suggestions that dyscalculia may be more common than dyslexia (Gross-Tsur & Manor, 1996; Ostad, 1998), which has been investigated much more thoroughly and has had a significantly longer history.
Because such subtests are considered different at least in their difficulty (see Jordan & Montani, 1997; Ostad, 1998), examining between-group and within-group differences could provide useful information.
Stand by for scenes of high emotion and plenty of tears in this week's episode of drama series Tipyn oStad as Ceri Ann and Kev's wedding day (pictured) arrives.
The spirit of sounds: the unique art of Ostad Elahi (1895-1974).
Chapter 5 explains how skill formation takes place, the criterion of being an Ostad or a Shagird is evolved, and the levels and the forms of payment determined.
The recent combination of our three companies presented many new and challenging opportunities and we felt the need for an experienced agency like Greenstone Roberts to take us through this transition and beyond", said Alonna Ostad, Manager Marketing Services, Shipley Ronal.
IKCO Deputy CEO in Quality Mojtaba Ostad Rahimi said that IKCO's main target was turning into a carmaker and that this company had set long term plans to reach its goals in value chain, product development, quality improvement and product competency.
Son of MirzaBozorg, Yoones, known as MirzaKoochak, was in 1880 born in a middleclass family in Ostad Sara locality, Rasht.
Sabzevari O, Andalibi M, Ahmadiani A, Kamalinejad M, Abdollahi M, Ostad SN.
And our director, Absic Ostad Amir Esmail Daham, a Filipino, is the one who guides all new Muslims, regardless of nationality.