Ostap Dluski

Dłuski, Ostap


(also O. Dłjski-Langer). Born Oct. 31, 1892, in Buchach, present-day Ukrainian SSR; died Feb. 12, 1964 in Warsaw. Polish political and public figure.

At the age of 16, Dhiski joined the Polish workers’ movement. He graduated from the department of philosophy at the University of Vienna in 1918. In that year he became a member of the Polish Communist Party, and in 1918-19 he was the editor of Swiat, the party’s organ. Dłiski was arrested in 1921 and 1926 for his revolutionary activities, and in 1927 he emigrated to Germany. In 1934 he returned illegally to Poland. He participated in the Sixth (1928) and Seventh (1935) Congresses of the Comintern. In 1937 he left for France, where during World War II (1939-45) he fought in the Resistance. In 1945 he returned to his homeland and was elected a member of the Central Committee of the Polish Workers’ Party (1945) and, later, a member of the Central Committee of the United Polish Workers’ Party (1948). From 1945 to 1948 he worked as editor in chief of the newspaper Głtos Ludu. Dłaski was a member of the World Peace Council from 1950 and received the International Lenin Prize For Strengthening Peace Between Nations in 1960.